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Janus Products – Janus Design Suite®

Janus Design Suite®

Flow calculation software developed by Janus Fire Systems

Janus Design Suite® Flow Calculation Software

The Janus Design Suite® flow calculation software was developed by Janus Fire Systems to be used by authorized designers of Janus Fire Systems® clean agent and carbon dioxide fire suppression systems to perform the advanced calculations necessary to complete a system design. The Janus Design Suite® is a single suite of tools allowing a user to perform flow calculations of their gaseous fire suppression systems, the capability to generate pricing based on their flow calculations, and to create professional looking proposals.

Calculation Program

JDS Calc

  • Complete Undo / Redo functionality
  • Real time calculation error troubleshooting
  • Automatic calculation of pipe sizes
  • Custom pipe tables
  • Built-in customer library
  • Exporting of calculation directly into the proposal maker.
  • Extremely fast math engine
  • Pre-calculation error checking
  • Automatic equivalent length calculation
  • Automatic suggested cylinder sizes
  • Calculates carbon steel and stainless steel tubing for all agents

The Janus Design Suite® is UL-listed and FM Approved only for use with Janus Fire Systems® Equipment and with the Janus Fire Systems® Design Manuals written for its respective fire protection agent.

Proposal Maker


  • Automatic mechanical bill of material creation based on volume information
  • Complete alarm and detection wizard
  • Battery calculations based on electrical devices chosen
  • Complete interaction with for real time data sheet viewing / downloading (Internet not required after first use)
  • Entering of custom parts via the Import Custom Parts Wizard
  • Complete word processor capabilities for adding
    • Scope Of Work
    • Clarifications/Exceptions
    • Services provided
    • Terms
  • Ability to upload your signature
  • Exportation of proposal to a editable Microsoft® Word file
  • Ability to specify a selling margin
  • Complete exportation of bill of material to Microsoft® Excel
  • Open up previous year’s proposal and either view the original pricing, or update the pricing to the current year
  • No data gets lost year by year after reinstalling the software
  • Ability to revise proposal and add options
  • Ability to quote different agents on same proposal
  • Automatic creation of PDF along with including data sheets applicable to the proposal (Internet connection required for this feature)

Janus Design Suite® - Features

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