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Our Leadership Team

The knowledge of our staff and our dedication to the customer have made the words Janus Fire Systems more than the name of a manufacturer – it has become symbol for a specific way of doing things: with quality, excellence, innovation, and teamwork.

Steve Dmitrovich
General Manager

Education: BSEE, MS in MGMT
Fire Protection Industry: 39 Years
Associations: FSSA, NFPA

Fred Hildebrandt
Director of Sales

Fire Protection Industry: 37 Years
Associations: FSSA, NFPA

Dan Hubert
Director of Product Development

Education: FPSE
Certification: FPE, NICET IV
Fire Protection Industry: 37 Years
Associations: FSSA Technical Chair, NFPA, SFPE, NSPE, ASTM

Tim Pope
Director of Operations

Education: BSME
Certification: NICET IV
Fire Protection Industry: 35 Years
Associations: Former FSSA President, NFPA

Janus Fire

Dedicated to the ideals of service and putting the customer first while finding the right fire protection solution specific to your unique and individual needs.

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