Foam Suppression Systems


Fire suppression foam is comprised of three parts: foam concentrate, water, and air. When mixed correctly, these parts form a homogeneous foam blanket that extinguishes flames by the combined mechanisms of cooling, separating the flame source from the product surface, suppressing vapors, and smothering. This makes foam suppression systems an effective option for protecting flammable and combustible liquids.

Typical areas of fire protection

  • Aircraft hangars
  • Petrochemical
  • Oil and Gas
  • Flammable liquid storage
  • Tank farms
  • Loading facilities
  • Warehouses

Foam Concentrates

Janus offers the following Foam Products:













Environmentally sustainable flourine-free foam concentrates for Class B Fires.

An innovation in firefighting foam, RE-HEALING foam concentrates are flourosurfactant and flouropolymer-free products.  Formulated using high performance synthetic foam concentrate technology, RE-HEALING foam is designed to replace traditional AFFF and AR-AFFF foam concentrates and Fluor-Protein foams.


Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) and Aqueous Film Forming Foam – Alcohol Type Concentrate (AFFF/ATC™) concentrates for Class B Fires.

The ARCTIC™ foam concentrates contain no PFOS and are formulates with safety and performance in mind.


Environmentally sustainable wild land urban inteface foam concentrate for Class A fires.

FIRE-BREAK foam concentrate makes “water wetter”, providing faster water penetration into the flammable substrate and controlled foam expansion for maximum Class A extinguishing performance. It is also an essential water management tool.  With the proper hardware and FIRE-BRAKE foam concentrate, a water supply can be expanded by at least 10 times its volume.

FIRE-BRAKE foam concentrate is designed and applied to Class A fires including wood, paper, coal, and rubber.


A synthetic based foam concentrate for use with medium and high-expansion foam generators on Class B fires.

Foam Hardware

System Tanks

System Tanks house the foam concentrate.  We offer a wide variety of System Tanks ranging from vertical to horizontal, pre-piped, atmospheric, and stainless steel, as well as the accessories you’ll need to go with them. In addition, Foam pump skids are available as well.

Proportioning Devices

Proportioning Devices releases the proper amount of concentrate into the water supply based on the soltuion required. These deivces are sized differently based on a range of flow rates and pressures, while minimizing pressure loss.  For help in selecting the proper proportioning device, contact Janus Fire Systems.

Discharge Devices

We have a wide array of foam discharge devices.  Whether you need air aspirating, non-aspirating or water sprinkler nozzles compatable with Solberg foams, we have it all! We provide monitors, foam makers, hand line nozzles and everything in between. For help in selecting the proper discharge devices, contact Janus Fire Systems.